Retail Property Management specializes in retail spaces.


We are a group of professionals, managers, consultants, and lawyers with extensive experience in the retail real estate industry. We use a specific methodology of management based on our business, financial and legal knowledge. Our clients are: Private Investors, Holding Companies, Family Offices, Investment Funds and Institutions.


We manage our databases housing data on retail real estate market providing us with the ratios, statistics and trends in this market segment, as well as the different sensitivity scenarios in our financial analysis, always bearing in mind all those limitations posed by legal regulations, this allows us to offer the best advice in the decision making process.


Iñaki Tombas is the Manager of the company. For 20 years he has devoted his career to the real estate advisory business. He specializes in asset management, portfolio restructuring, strategic consulting, real estate investment transactions, valuation studies, and market research. He also has proven experience in property development. Throughout his career he has published several articles, newsletters, and blogs. Our expertise allows us to offer the best service.